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Waymaker Engineering is a licensed engineering firm which primarily focuses on electronic designs and product development. Our projects generally consist of:

Services Overview

Solution Brainstorming, Simulation, and Analysis

Have an idea but not sure how to implement it? We can work together to generate a practical and functional solution. Sometimes, a solution is immediately apparent from our past experiences and designs. More novel problems may require simulations, mathematical modeling, and engineering analysis to arrive at a solution – all nerdy tasks that we love!

Schematic Capture and Component Selection

Once we have a target solution, we can implement the design in schematic capture software. Whether the project is for a proof-of-concept device or a design intended for production, we can choose every component and ensure we arrive at a functional design. 

We can design both analog and digital circuitry. Sometimes clients have a specific sensor or component that needs to be incorporated – that’s not a problem! We generally source components from national distributors, such as Mouser and DigiKey, or directly from the manufacturer.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout

One of the more exciting services, where a design starts to tangibly come to life – Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout. This is where we design a circuit board to hold all the components and make the needed wiring connections. We design PCBs with best practices, focusing on designs for manufacturability and in consideration of EMI/EMF. Our design package of choice is Altium Designer, but we can work with you if a different design package is required. 

Whether it’s a rigid, flex, or a rigid-flex board design or a complex 12-layer PCB, we can lay it out!

We can source PCBs from both USA and overseas manufacturers. 

Prototype Assembly and Construction

We can create PCB assemblies in-house with our soldering and reflow equipment or manage an outsourced assembly service. We can also modify off-the-shelf enclosures, incorporate 3D-printed designs, collaborate with mechanical engineers for custom enclosure designs, or build test fixtures needed for experimentation and data collection – basically anything you need to get your project up and running!

Firmware and VHDL Code Development

Many designs incorporate a microcontroller or digital signal processor (DSP) to perform advanced signal processing, device management, and communications. We specialize in crafting robust and reliable firmware solutions, no matter the complexity!

Data-intensive designs, such as image or video applications, often use FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays) to handle the heavy data processing. We have experience writing VHDL code for Xilinx FPGAs within their Vivado development environment.

Debugging, Testing, and Design Verification

Once we have a design built, we can test it for proper functionality! We use logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, and other test equipment to prove design success. If a problem arises, we can quickly debug the issue and implement a solution.

Software Development

We design custom PC software that interfaces to hardware devices. Common tasks have been to provide graphical user interfaces (GUI) to interact and control devices, display sensor data in real-time, modify device parameters, and retrieve and store data in a cloud database. Our dedicated team is always ready to tackle new and unique challenges, ensuring functional solutions for a wide range of applications.

Project Management Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you require end-to-end oversight for a full turnkey project or seek to integrate our expertise seamlessly into an existing team, we provide flexible strategies tailored to your needs. Our project management approach is characterized by meticulous attention to detail, effective communication, and a collaborative spirit, ensuring successful outcomes regardless of the project’s scale or complexity. We can interact with mechanical engineering firms for custom enclosure designs, coordinate manufacturing or assembly services, or work with testing houses to obtain UL or CE certifications.

Let us manage the difficult aspects so you can invest your valuable time where it’s needed most. Review our Project Management page to see how we interact with our clients.

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