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We are a contract engineering firm specializing in electronic engineering and product development.

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From new product development to proof-of-concept prototypes, we have the technical know-how to make it happen!


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Visit the Microchip Technology website for more information.

We specialize in designing with Microchip products. With our extensive experience using microcontrollers and our expertise in developing custom firmware, we deliver reliable and cost-effective embedded solutions.

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We are a dedicated team ready to take on engineering and design challenges!

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How We Work

A project with us can take many forms, but often it progresses through the sequence below. Learn more on our Project Management page. 


Project Discovery

The potential client and Waymaker Engineering team interact to discuss project requirements and the current status of the project. 



We develop a detailed proposal, working closely with the client to define tasks, timelines, budgets, and project deliverables.


Design Work, Deliverables, and Repeat

Projects are divided into phases with deliverables, providing frequent client feedback opportunities. 


Support and Maintenance

For projects requiring extended evaluations, data collection, and long-term maintenance, we offer continuous support for sustained success.

Utilize our engineering expertise to reclaim your time for crucial business priorities.

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